Our cell and gene therapy services

We provide process development and manufacturing services for your cell and gene therapy (CGT) products. To deliver a real solution towards commercialization, we take a technology-based approach and utilize best-in-class automated manufacturing and analytical platforms. Our facilities are designed according to the CliniMACS Cell Factory® ballroom concept and are equipped with Miltenyi Biotec technologies. With our technology-driven approach, we support your projects from R&D to clinical manufacturing to ensure a successful process industrialization. Take the first step towards benefiting from our extensive experience by reaching out to us to learn more about our services.

Our fully integrated service approach

Together, we advance your products with well-established equipment 

We work in an open and collaborative partnership with various degrees of involvement – spanning full service CDMO, co-development, and on-site programs at your facility. Our goal is to complement your existing capabilities to accelerate progress and optimize clinical and commercial timelines. Leveraging industry-leading manufacturing and analytical platforms, we focus on Miltenyi solutions such as the CliniMACS Prodigy® Platform and MACSQuant® Analyzer, but are also open to integrating third-party technologies as necessary to support your needs.

Decades of experience to master any cell product

We have long-standing experience in processing and genetically modifying most immune-based cell types applicable to the cell therapy field (e.g., T cells, NK cells, HSCs, monocytes, B Cells, NKTs) and their derivatives in both a laboratory and manufacturing space. We can readily tap into a wealth of knowledge from years of R&D and product management on hundreds of cell types and analytical methods. Check out our competencies and expertise.

Seven reasons to work with us

  1. Unparalleled subject matter expertise in Miltenyi Biotec platforms and products
  2. Proven platforms that meet your process design with minimal customization
  3. Ability  to customize process variations through tailored application solutions
  4. Relevant clinical experience to expedite development cycles and path to IND/BLA
  5. Early access to the latest technologies and product features, including pre-commercial technologies
  6. End-to-end solution partner for pre-clinical development and cell therapy manufacturing for clinical use
  7. Incorporation of Quality by Design principles in cell therapy process development space

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