Lentiviral vector design, evaluation, and selection 

We can work with you both to optimize your existing plasmid designs and to develop new transfer plasmids with your gene of interest based on our established transfer plasmid backbone. Together with you, we advance your lentiviral vector (LVV) to meet product requirements.

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Starting with a solid lentiviral vector design

The ideal vector design is key for a robust and high-yielding product. Its complexity requires a holistic approach that encompasses sequence analysis, codon optimization, promotor design, and extensive knowledge of the host cell to be transduced. Depending on your project, we can both evaluate your existing transfer plasmid designs and develop new transfer plasmids by cloning your gene of interest within our well-established transfer plasmid backbone. To minimize time and cost towards manufacturing, we enable to perform head-to-head evaluation of different designs at small scale to move quickly to identify the optimal design.

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Optimizing your approach together

Together with you, we define your project scope and evaluate its technical requirements, such as the payload size and how best to assemble complex vector components versus use of multiple vectors. We not only advise on vector design, but also evaluate potential benefits and drawbacks related to regulatory considerations. 

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A robust lentiviral vector system

Our proprietary LVV platform is based on a third-generation system that further improves the safety and efficiency of gene delivery. It delivers vectors of consistently high quality and has been a true platform by supporting well over 100 different therapeutic projects. 

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