GMP cell therapy manufacturing with the CliniMACS Prodigy® Platform

Small- to large-scale, highly automated yet thoroughly customizable, our cell manufacturing solution contains everything you need for integrated cell processing of cell and gene therapy products. Combining innovative equipment with customized applications, consumables, and reagents, we aim to meet requirements from research and development to commercial manufacturing with a single instrument: the bar-setting CliniMACS Prodigy Platform.

The centerpiece for cell manufacturing

The CliniMACS Prodigy Instrument is the centerpiece of our GMP-compliant cell manufacturing platform. Since its launch in 2013, it has set the bar for high-quality cell processing and remains the advanced solution for CGT manufacturing in both clinical research and industry. A fully integrated and closed system, the CliniMACS Prodigy reduces manual process steps and shortens idle time through automation.

In combination with the optional CliniMACS® Electroporator and the CliniMACS® Formulation Units, it offers all process steps, from cell washing, selection, activation, transfection and/or transduction, and harvesting, to final formulation and filling. All units can be connected and directly controlled by one device – the CliniMACS Prodigy Instrument. Its software uses an innovative combination of standardized procedures and customized applications to bring you a high degree of automation whilst retaining enough flexibility to meet your specific process requirements.

  • The all-in-one solution for integrated cell processing
  • Centralized control and automation for streamlined and safe manufacturing
  • Customized applications for extended process possibilities


Automated cell manufacturing processes on the CliniMACS Prodigy platform.

Automation and standardization without compromise

Large-scale cell manufacturing of CGT products does not happen without automation, and consistent results only come through software-controlled, standardized protocols. The CliniMACS Prodigy Platform combines these features, but uses tailored protocols to ensure high process flexibility. We have decades of experience in translating manual processes into fully automated applications that we can use to make your manufacturing vision a reality. No matter how intricate it is, the customizable CliniMACS Prodigy Software will standardize the automated processing.

  • Translate your process from manual to automated
  • Make use of software parameterization for tailored solutions
  • Standardize your protocols for consistent results at any scale
We truly see the CliniMACS Prodigy as a turning point in improving the accessibility of Cell & Gene Therapies to more patients. Full process integration in one platform, reproducibility, and proven reliability make it a commercially viable solution for both point-of-care and centralized manufacturing.
Andreas Woitossek
VP Commercial and New Business Development
Miltenyi Biomedicine
Female in clean room attire working on a CliniMACS Prodigy.

Keep your cells safe and expand production capacities

Keep your precious cells safe – from start to finish – with the closed CliniMACS Prodigy. All cell manufacturing steps take place within the protected environment of single-use cultivation and tubing sets, while the fully closed system is composed of a cultivation chamber, a cell separation column, quality control sampling pouches, filling bags, and much more. Reduce cleanroom requirements, and even run multiple CliniMACS Prodigy Instruments in parallel from a single room to minimize production time and save costs. You can seamlessly scale up to ballroom manufacturing levels with the CliniMACS Cell Factory® Concept.

Once your project has reached the next stage, your verified production process can be easily transferred to any number of CliniMACS Prodigy Instruments – on site, or anywhere else in the world.  

  • Fully closed systems for safe cell processing
  • Parallel manufacturing for reduced space and costs
  • Easy tech transfer for seamless scalability

The CliniMACS Prodigy – The complete solution for automating and manufacturing cell products

The CliniMACS Prodigy sets a new standard in automated cell manufacturing with advanced integrated solutions to streamline cell processing workflows from cell separation through cell culture to the formulation of the final product.

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